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MLC worked with the British meat and livestock industry to improve its efficiency and claimed a competitive position; and to maintain and stimulate markets at home and abroad, while taking into account needs of consumers.

Many companies operating within the industry at some stage require the services of a professional legal service.

This website recommends legal advise is always taken when it comes to litigation, disputes and claims management.

The ground rent scandal affected many company and general public leasehold agreements. If you’re a victim of this scandal then you should be eligible to made a leasehold claim.

Historically leasehold owners were charged whats typically called a “peppercorn” ground rent. Usually this is £1 a year. More often than not the owner of freehold didn’t even bother to seek payment from the leaseholder. This changed recently when developers started to put clauses in leasehold agreements where the ground-rent was set at £150 to £400 per year, and then doubling every ten years. And this is where the problems arise with leaseholders.

Another serious issue experienced by members of the industry relates to a more serious matter, their pensions. Poor advice was given in relation to retirement planning. Financial advisors told their clients to invest into alternative investments. Unfortunately such investments turned bad and considerable sums of money were lost. Legal advice should also be taken for missold SIPP pension claims.