Welcome to our website dedicated to the memory of the Meat and Livestock Commission.

Due to the COVID pandemic many meat farmers properties have fallen into a state of disrepair.

A lot of farmers have given up their farms and lands and are now residing in social and council house properties. To make matters worse, these properties also require maintenance. We advise tenants to seek legal advice and help by way of Housing Disrepair Claims. This would be where a victim seeks help off a specialist disrepair claim solicitor who can force their landlords to rectify the disrepair issues and win them financial compensation.

Anyway, thank you for visiting our web site which claims easy access to the range of red meat services and information available from the MLC.

MLC worked with the British meat and livestock industry to improve its efficiency and claimed a competitive position; and to maintain and stimulate markets at home and abroad, while taking into account needs of consumers.

Many companies operating within the industry at some stage require the services of a professional legal service.

This website recommends legal advise is always taken when it comes to litigation, disputes and claims management.